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HOURS: Tues. - Sat. 10-5 • Closed Sun. & Mon.

Saturday October 12 - 3 Trunk Show and Designer Visit with Antonia Shankland - 12:30 Q&A!

Continuous Strand Weaving Workshop with Nancy Ricci - Nov. 8 & 15 - SIGN UP!!

Connect + Create


We are a yarn shop with a fabulous selection… but not just a yarn shop.  

We are building a community of people who want to create at every level. For some of us it’s a joyous hobby; for others, it’s a passion, an obsession, or side hustle.   Wherever you fall – beginner to artisan — you are welcome here at The Blue Purl. Come browse, feel the yarn, look at the colors, get inspired by our samples, take a class. Our skilled staff will help match that yarn you love to a pattern you can work with. Everyone is welcome, come sit at our table, we’d love to meet you!

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We offer classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced knitters. Our team will guide you through your first project or your most complicated sweater. The classes are designed to up your skills; to learn new techniques and enable you to navigate complicated patterns. And if you get stuck, don’t  suffer in silence – come in for help! Whether you pick up the needles to express love through a handmade gift or to pass time while binge watching Netflix, we are here to keep you going. After the first few projects, knitting becomes a form of relaxation and meditation - we promise!



Yarns & Supplies

We have great respect for the yarns we sell and the people who produce them. The care we take in selecting brands and colors will show in your finished project.  Your time and effort deserve quality material. Our extensive selection of patterns and supplies will get you started. Please come in to feel the textures, see the true colors, and judge the drape – experiences you can’t match online. We are a Ravelry In-Store sales store. 


“And when life became too frenzied they took up their knitting and breathed a while to the rhythm of the stitches and rows until their smiles returned and their minds were calm.”